Condo Life

For lots of people, getting a condo for the first time and needing to ‘follow rules’ might sound intrusive and overbearing. It is interesting to note that the bulk of condo owners living under management policies think that their way of living is boosted by doing so. A current research shows that 74 % of condo locals like living by the rules.

Perhaps it is not so unusual that condo owners choose to live by guidelines. They are designed to boost the quality of living of everyone in the complex. Many of the requirements are really just common sense, such as quiet hours between 11:00pm and 7:00am.

The secret to choosing a condo that will work for you is to look for buildings and locations where people with similar life styles live. If you are a young partier, you don’t want to look at buildings where the median age is 60 years old! That is just asking for trouble as your desire to have fun will undoubtedly cause issues.

Likewise, though they won’t perceive their early morning routines as disruptive, these older folks will be up and banging around when you are still trying to sleep!

Other building rule may seem more arcane. For example many buildings won’t allow you to decorate your front door.

The front door is often in a corridor and corridors are considered common areas. These areas must be kept free and clear of other people’s clutter both for aesthetic reasons and for safety reasons. Fire laws require free and clear access and while you might consider your wreath to be unobtrusive it sets a precedent that can, with time, lead to more and more clutter.

Another somewhat odd rule you will often find in condos, particularly units located at ground floor level is that even the patio area is considered to be ‘common but exclusive’, meaning that you may not be able to store certain things outside.

All condo units have a committee or board whose role is to be fair and unbiased in establishing a system for preventing and resolving problems. Boards typically meet each month and if you are interested you will likely be able to participate as a board member.